i am

i am the girl who walked city streets in the autumn touching fire riding the bus with my head so close to your shoulder amazed to find safety in reach i am the girl who made you laugh about snow on my windshield blanket statements birthday wishes and new year’s kisses i am the girl […]

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Whiskey Ginger

Does Olympus hold raptured Ganymede While youthful pleasure dwells in your embrace? Your keen quicksilver-hazel gaze decrees Sheer speechless ecstasy upon my face. Under curly auburn locks find I wit Of a Georgia peach, keen gentleman’s wiles, And whiskey ginger spit, which I admit Intoxicates.  From your wry, bemused smile Cupid’s arrow flies, my carnal […]

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Rebel I Love You: The Anonymous Love Poetry Project

This blog is for anonymous love poems from people of the kind I used to write when I was in high school and on fire with hopeless crushes. I wanted to make a place where people could put the things they thought would make them blow up if they ever let anyone see them. This is also just how I think you should try and write. You should have that sense of what's at stake. If you send me your anonymous love poems to publish on this site, I will. The submissions remain anonymous. If you're too shy to even send them to me directly, go get a free email and obscure your identity or have a friend send them. But, send them. Please send them to me at alexander dot chee at gmail dot com Thanks.