rebel manifesto

Back when I lived in San Francisco, I bought an iron-on patch I never used. I was going to use it to repair a pair of jeans and then I liked it too much to use it. Now I don’t know where it is but I can see it very clearly. It was a big silly red heart with the words Rebel I Love You on it in yellow block letters, outlined with blue. It was the best. I was going to make it the title of a ‘zine where I’d just publish anonymous love poems from people of the kind I used to write when I was in high school and on fire with hopeless crushes. But the idea was to make a place where people could put the things they thought would make them blow up if they ever let anyone see them. And, if you send me your anonymous love poems to publish on this site, I will, actually.But later in life I realized, this is just how you should try and write. You should have that sense of what’s at stake.  When I was a student at Wesleyan, I received these anonymous love letters, the words spelled from letters cut and pasted from magazines.  It was a little like a kidnapper’s letter, spooky but also beautiful, and in a plot twist, they turned out to be from an incredibly beautiful freshman who was in love with me. He became my boyfriend.

The submissions remain anonymous. If you’re too shy to even send them to me directly, go get a free email and obscure your identity or have a friend send them. But, send them to

alexander.chee (a)


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