rebel 1

So You Will Finally Find Everything You Want, Perhaps, in Me

Here then is what I have for you:
a clean, small ear half-hearing–
I will not belabor how–an eye, my right eye
in fact, swirling in brown, speckled black
and when I gaze up maybe you see a tear from ’84,
and the tiny, sly cut vein swimming
in white, the wake of that time when I was
struck–but truly this is not, this
cannot be, no it should not be about that,
or any detail beyond what I have for you
…for I have so much: a top-of-hand mapped
by a burn, and a hair-pressing-comb
leaves teeth; or even lower down, the mark
on my penis where I have longed for softness
and not been fulfilled: what is this
but arms, hair, legs, skin still tight–
what is my body, scars like jewels,
when I give it to you?


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