Five Ways

I will make you love me
In several ways

First you will let me stay in your car
Until the sun comes up
In sunrisen silence
Because I am beautiful to look at

Second you will hold still
Your limbs inside their skins sinewy
I will go up and down them
Because I am soft to the touch

Third you will be throat thirsty
And I will be there holding a bowl
Of water beneath your tongue
Because I am always ready for what you need

Fourth you will feign freedom
As you accidentally shift into third
And I backwards arch in belief
Because I am good for that sort of thing

Next I will crouch forward larger
Overtake this tiger shadow of yours
And place my lips on yours to
Take back what I deserve
I will suck you into ash
And we won’t finish this
Because I know how to get rid of a problem


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