lovepoem 1

when he ties him to the writing chair near the window in the tiny kitchen when he blindfolds him toys with him first with his rosary then his belt then the fierce leather whip again & again across his thighs his shoulders his chest his belly when he drips melted candle wax on his bare flesh erasing entire tattoos presses his cock against him though he cant move to touch back begging to suck but not letting him when he pinches his nipples till theyre raw rubs cayenne pepper on his balls which are well bound weighted down with his very best leather hiking boots when he splashes him with cold water laughs because he gasps with surprise he thinks to himself about how it will be much later after having jacked him off with honey after smoking menthol cigarettes on the front step letting him lick his chest in front of the neighbors when he kicks back on the black sofa listening while he reads some of his best early work from the computer he strokes his cock to a roaring hard on then oh then he takes it well past the curve in his throat lets him feed this way for hours while listening to music he has chosen just for this occasion when he pumps his load down his gullet when he holds him from behind teasing caressing his sore nipples again watching while he pops wood viewing his torso this way as if looking down from heaven upon the crucifixion its then he whispers in his ear between bites & kisses on his shoulders his neck his head thrown back in ecstasy i have to go now


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