love poem .01

it started just a few hours into night.

exhausted from that party, where you held my hand.

guarded after me in front of your friends,

we’d never exchanged words on it.

an affection, understanding, care.

i’d already had you;

the night we met.

the trio that led here;

drunken, carnal, insincere.

six months past, we wouldn’t repeat that.

touching, dining, conversations.

whispers and kisses.

we would have these things, but never again how we met.

the night of the party

you pulled me to your bed

we called one another beautiful;

the word

love was heard.

with whiskey breath you drifted to sleep.

i watched you resting on my chest

i followed the contours of all of you

counted your eyelashes


your height and all your bravado childlike as you slept

dawn breaking through the windows

the last time I saw you and thought you were mine


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